Hi, I'm Lucie Poisson.

My mission is to facilitate

the transformation of ideas into projects.

I focus on applying

my expertise in B2B Marketing

and my entrepreneurial mindset.

Supporting people changing in dynamic environments is what brings me

the highest satisfaction.

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Meet Lucie Poisson

Born in a French entrepreneurial family, Lucie Poisson always was passionate about people who dare. Today with her experience she guides European professionals in their desire for creativity, innovation, and change, to help them reach their next level in B2B Marketing.

By launching and marketing new products at IONOS, Lucie Poisson allowed European SMEs to make the most of digitization for their own business. When she worked on the first digital school books in France, she helped teachers explore new ways of educating. Earlier in her career, by finding international publishers interested in translating books, she managed to spread new ideas around worldwide.

And since strong projects need personalities, she motivate also the people who improve the organizations moving forward.

In a nutshell, Lucie Poisson is:

Content Creator  B2B Marketing Strategist 
Go-to-Market Developer  Growth Enabler

Brand Maker   Collaborator Supporter

Performance Thinker    Cross-country Marketer 

Doctor in Storytelling Team Conductor 

Lucie Poisson Image

Lucie Poisson brings her enthusiasm, problem-solving mindset,

and her B2B Marketing mindset to initiatives and workgroups.

When remote work and cross-functional virtual teams become the common way of collaborating, creating an opened, focused and collaborative workspace culture is key to retain talents and developing the most of each team player.

Copyright picture: Christof Mattes Photography

Develop your positive mindset and

explore your untapped B2B Marketing potential:


During her 15+ years of experience in B2B Marketing and Sales, Lucie Poisson had the chance to work with several great brands, either as an employee or a business partner. Most of them are leaders in the two industries she likes the most: IT and the Medias.


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