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Hi, I'm Lucie Poisson.

I am a European marketing team leader working in the B2B Tech and specialising in branding, marketing strategy and go-to-market.


I develop an enthusiastic, entrepreneur and collaborative mindset in the projects and teams I lead.

Lucie Poisson Marketing

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Meet Lucie Poisson

My mission is to make the invisible visible through marketing because many meaningful projects deserve more light to be known and improve our lives. Without any awareness, the best causes are condemned to remain in the shadow and never change the world.

Change starts with awareness.

Marketing creates this awareness.

Marketing teams and peers networks scale this new visibility.

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Copyright picture: Christof Mattes Photography



I am an enthusiast marketer, passionate about creating an environment where:

  • The brand and the marketing strategy belong to all the teams, not only the marketing department.

  • The teams focus on what brings value to the customers and the company, not the last shinny trend.

  • Creativity solves business and commercial problems.

  • Things get done, including the numerous unsexy tasks of marketing that build a stable and scalable basis.



I have worked several years in the Media and the IT sectors, focusing on marketing and brand, sales, and content. I worked in France, Spain, and Germany, always in an international environment, with diverse teams and partners worldwide.

Over the years, I evolved as a team leader in marketing at one of the European cloud leaders, IONOS.


During her 15+ years of experience in B2B Marketing and Sales, I had the chance to work with several significant brands, either as an employee or a business partner. Most of them are leaders in the two industries I like the most: IT and the Media sectors.


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What is marketing

Marketing is not about having ideas.

Marketing is about visibly connecting a product

with ideas and desires

in the mind of an audience.

Lucie Poisson.

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