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Campaign examples

Why are campaign examples priceless

I love marketing campaigns: in my opinion, they are exactly halfway between marketing strategy and execution. That's why I am very attentive to what brands - especially B2B ones - do as a campaign and I am constantly searching for campaign examples: campaigns always reveals a bit of their brand positioning and strategy

Looking at campaign examples is very valuable for any marketer, at least for the 3 following reasons:

  1. You learn how other marketers orchestrate with consistency campaigns among diverse media, or channels, and assets.

  2. You see how an audience reacts to what sort of messages and campaigns, for example by checking if people speak of the campaign and how.

  3. You develop your creativity: the more creative works look at, the more creative and innovative you become.

Campaign examples: my selection

Finding good campaign examples is quite tedious, especially if you want to see all the Marketing assets and get an understanding of the strategy behind them. That's why I share with you the campaign examples I am collecting.

I mainly focus on campaign examples coming from B2B brands, with a lot of them working in the tech sector and as a SaaS business. This is the sector I know the best and that is relatively innovative compared to others as it is still new and building its own references.

Regarding the type of marketing campaign examples, I look a lot at advertising campaign examples, but also at more specific ones like social media, digital, or email campaign examples. They all have in common that they are successful campaign examples.

My best campaign examples:

  • More to come...

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