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A sense of belonging - "Marketing x Teams x Entrepreneurs" N°09

An underestimated human need: the feeling of belonging.

It doesn't matter which path it takes:

participation in a community, attention and support to others, emotional interconnection...

Because it positively impacts our well-being.

👉🏽 "A sense of belonging" is the central topic of the "Marketing x Teams x Entrepreneurs" newsletter N°09.

✒️ For this edition, the curated content is coming from the bests:

ProductHunt, Topia, Oktopost, HBR, SignaleFire, Sifted

And Patrick Woods, Brook Daily, Jennifer Gutman, Deborah Gruenfeld, Melissa Jones Briggs, Lori Nishiura Mackenzie, Nadia Harris, Iwo Szapar, Yuanling Yuan, Josh Constine and Lyubov Guk.

🔷 Interested in your comments!

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x Marketing

B2B communities: tactics to build and grow

Building communities is complex and long-term work, so better start on the right path. To help us, Patrick Woods, co-founder and CEO of Orbit, provides insights, examples and recommendations on the Product Hunt blog. I especially appreciated her points regarding the value creation vs capturing value topic, the importance of tracking activities across multiple platforms, and the community building readiness question.

Building the future of community together

I like this community leader's unconference organized by Topia for two reasons. First, it focuses on community building which will be more and more crucial in marketing but much more complicated than what people, including marketers, may think too. Second, it is an "unconference", which fits the spirit of communities and the co-creation trend perfectly:

"An Unconference is an unstructured and participatory conference model centred around a general theme (this theme is community building). Topics are not predefined and there are no panels or keynote speakers, but rather, content is generated by the participants themselves."

There are only 100 registration spots, so make sure you register on time to assist on March 9th.

The social media community builders have their Awards

Oktopost, the B2B engagement suite, launches its Award to reward the best B2B social media managers. Among the 9 categories, I am curious to discover the winners for the best community program, best employee advocacy program, and best B2B social media campaign.

Nominate your favourite social media managers on March 29th!

x Teams

Creating a culture of inclusiveness

How to be an inclusive leader focuses on this HBR article by Deborah Gruenfeld, Melissa Jones Briggs, and Lori Nishiura Mackenzie. They develop the idea of adopting a particular mantra to set unambiguous intentions and, therefore, build a space for equitable and equal work mode in teams and companies.

Collaboration despite different timezones

Remote teams often mean different time zones. How to deal with this time challenge? In this episode of the "Work your way" podcast, Nadia Harris and Iwo Szapar, co-founder of Remote-How, dialogue about the flexible work revolution, synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, and alignment between team members.

x Entrepreneurs

Creator economy, community economy

Mapping the creator economy is the objective of Yuanling Yuan and Josh Constine from SignalFire in their blog article. Indeed, it became urgent to look at this promising trend:

"More than 50 million people around the world consider themselves creators, despite the creator economy only being born a decade ago. It's become the fastest-growing type of small business."

Backed with numerous data, this state of the creator economy provides typologies of creators and opportunity assessment with pros and cons. A must-read to understand the content creators, curators, and community builders of tomorrow.

Remaining connected with Ukrainian founders

In her article in Sifted, Lyubov Guk, a founding partner in Blue Lake VC, reveals the reality of Ukraine's tech scene, which saw the rise of Grammarly, or GitLab. She gives concrete recommendations on how to approach local tech companies and underlines:

"Ukraine has a very open ecosystem, in many ways more so than London, and it is relatively easy to forge new connections and make new friends amongst the tech community."

Regarding the current situation, Guk encourages not to overlook Ukrainian founders:

"The international investor community cannot turn away now."

Let's hope it won't happen.

If you reach these lines, it means you read my newsletter: thank you!

I hope you enjoyed it.

Happy to read your comments!


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