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How the pandemic may influence Marketing

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

In the last weeks I reflected on how the pandemic may influence Marketing. Below is the fruit on my thoughts.

Marketing may adjust to the ongoing new situation by:

- Nurturing and accompanying much more existing "premium" customers (who will survive...) rather than looking to adquire new (fragile) customers.

- Developing services on top of existing offers (eg : consultancy) rather than playing with discounts.

- Revealing the human touch of the brand to tell "we are like you ! " and increase trust by building equal to equal business relationships.

- Testing new media as advertising outside digital got cheaper.

- Taking time to understand the customers. Not sending them forms. Calling them, visiting them.

- Targeting specific target groups consequently rather than communicating to "everyone".

- Reviewing and adapting the Go-to-Market to match much better the (new) market and fix old issues at the same time.

- Recruiting non specialized Marketing profiles with a business developpment mindset to be able to adapt measures fast and with impact.

Agree, not agree ?

Thoughts initially published on my Linkedin profile.

Marketing and the Covid impact
Marketing and the Covid impact

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