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Collaboration - "Marketing x Teams x Entrepreneurs" N°15

Collaboration becomes even more crucial for growth, whether with brands, team members, advisors, or fans.

Tools and the right mindset are critical to making the most of cooperation.

I will show you how in this "Marketing x Teams x Entrepreneurs" newsletter N°15.

Happy to read your comments!

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x Marketing

TikTok explains brand collaborations

In this article from January dedicated to collaboration with creators through specific branded content, TikTok for Business reveals some exciting takeaways and data. For example, when creating branded content and ads specific to TikTok and collaborating with creators, the ad recall is 27% higher. TikTok shares other facts related to views, engagement and ad effectiveness in general. Good to know: they also promote their TikTok creator marketplace (I didn't try it yet).

x Teams

Whiteboard, remote work and collaboration

Gitlab has a vast library of very qualitative content related to remote work, and among the pieces of content, I selected this one focusing on collaboration tools. Indeed, using the right tools became crucial for the team's success:

"With a common goal, strategic planning, and the right collaboration tools, working in a remote environment can be even more productive than working in an office."

The comprehensive article recommends the best online whiteboards with collaboration features and provides recommendations on how to run a virtual whiteboard session. It insists on the differences between synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, one of my favourite topics. However, the most interesting part concerns the mindset:

"Instead of attempting to create a virtual whiteboard, focus on what outcomes you typically expect from a whiteboarding session. In a remote setting, a team must be intentional about everything, including a fixation on results. This requires a change of mentality."

PS: The article includes a video with Darren Murph, Head of Remote at Gitlab, and Till Pieper, Co-founder and CEO of CoScreen, about remote team collaboration, screen sharing, and synchronous meetings.

The asynchronous collaboration first, messaging tools second

I love this article from Ken Yarmosh, who suggests flipping our communication pyramid and systematically relying on asynchronous collaboration. In one picture:

One of Ken's initial observations was that:

"We used to spend all our time managing email. Now we do the same in our messaging tool. It's not the fault of these tools (...)." - Ken Yarmosh.

He developed Remote First frameworks and now advises companies in remote work after spending his career working with startups and iconic brands.

x Entrepreneurs

Startup advisor: from collaboration to compensation

In his article published in February on Techcrunch, Matt Cohen answers a critical question for startup founders: how to manage their startup advisor's compensation strategically. Among his recommendations:

"For good advisors who truly want to get their hands dirty and help founders succeed, a lucrative equity package based on results makes a ton of sense." - Matt Cohen.

The whole article is accessible only to members.

Fan-to-fan interactions on the rise

With the development of fan-to-fans tools, the creator economy takes a new turn, according to Tatiana Cirisano:

"By developing virtual spaces where fans can connect, artists can nurture their fan bases into self-sustaining communities – which thrive regardless of how often the artist may release music, post on social media or live stream." - Tatiana Cirisano.

Article published on the blog of Midia Research, with a focus on the music industry perspective.

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I hope you enjoyed it.

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