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Content creator economy - "Marketing x Teams x Entrepreneurs" N°12

Tiktokers, YouTubers, course creators, podcasters, and bloggers are everywhere. And they are more and more trying to turn a hobby into a living. This is the creator economy.

The "Marketing x Teams x Entrepreneurs" newsletter focuses on the content creator economy in this N°12 edition to deep dive into this promising future.

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x Marketing

Empowering creator-driven marketing campaigns

In 2021, brands spent 66% more on creator marketing than the previous year, according to CreatorIQ's 2022 influencer marketing report. The survey gathering the feedback of 150 brands and 200 influencers shows a clear need for more experimentation:

"Amid swelling budgets, emerging platforms like TikTok and the proliferation of social commerce, brands and creators will continue to experiment and seek out best practices for the evolving influencer marketing landscape." - Natali Koltun

Natali Koltun shares more learnings in her Social Media Today article.

A webinar to rethink influencer marketing

During its webinar on the 7th of April, Falcon will reveal the "unspoken rules of influencer marketing". The topic regarding influencer trends can be exciting as the landscape is particularly dynamic, like the users.

Creation and the fight for attention

With the creator economy comes the challenge of attention: the more numerous and qualitative the content around is becoming, the less attention we can pay to it. David Perell speaks of a "deficit of attention" in his blog article. As a consequence:

"We become what we pay attention to. Tell me what you pay attention to, and I'll tell you who you are. By offering or withholding our attention, we craft our own unique experience. Change your attention, change your world." - David Perell

To what do you pay attention?

x Teams

Becoming a content creation team

In this article for Marketing Insider Group, Michael Brenner introduces us to the evolving role of content creation and shows what content creation means for brands in 2022. However, the most exciting part for me concerns how a brand can become a content creator or, in other words, a media. You will get concrete high-level recommendations to think about it from a team perspective.

x Entrepreneurs

The new creator economy in one mapping

Antler, a global early-stage VC, just launched its guide deep-diving into the new creator economy, which became a crucial topic because:

"Creators are no longer just the product - they are the new economies."

In the guide by Paola Vivoli and Ollie Forsyth, I especially appreciate the summary of the creator economy history until Web3. An industry mapping over 140 actual creator economy platforms helps get to know the main actors. But you will also find a list of specific investors and predictions.

A dedicated event is also planned for the 20th of April to know more about the creator economy.

The future of the creator economy by the CEO of Patreon

What better speaker than Jack Conte, the CEO of Patreon, to imagine the future of the creator economy? This article is published in Fast Company and summarises the best pieces from the episode of Fast Company's Creative Control podcast by KC Ifeanyi. Jack Conte describes particularly well the move from a hobby to a profession, for example:

"So I'm thrilled that big companies, small companies, startups, venture capital—everybody's trying to solve this problem of how do we make creativity not just accessible and available for people and ubiquitous and cheap to enter into, but how do we make it a lucrative profession." - Jack Conte

About videos, creator revenues, discoverability, middle-class creators, and creative people in society.

Launch of HubSpot Creators

As reported by Lucia Maffei in the Boston Business Journal, HubSpot decided to follow the flow of the creator economy by offering a dedicated program to content creators (like Linkedin now does) and first focuses on podcasters. HubSpot will help with resources and networking, but also budget and cross-promotion. Even though the initiative looks very small to me (it concerns only eight creators for now), it is an exciting trend to see tech companies investing in this area.

Tiktokers, YouTubers, podcasters and other creators now have their festival

Last but not least, the World Creator Festival is launching its first edition in October and will take place in Lisbon, Portugal. Preeti Pooja plans to gather 50 speakers and 1.000 attendees and provide creators with lessons, tools, frameworks, support and networking opportunities. The vision behind the festival is:

"To enable the next million striving creators to become the next million thriving entrepreneurs."

You can download the brochure here.

If you reach these lines, it means you read my newsletter: thank you!

I hope you enjoyed it.

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