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Is customer-centric Marketing an impossible dream?

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Not so sure, but definitively challenging according to Marketing Week:

  • 42.2% of marketers believe in a customer-centric model to organize marketing the best

  • ...but this is the reality in only 5.8% of respondents’ companies

  • A set up around products or brands is the most common organization (37.3%)

Then, how to develop more customer-centricity in Marketing, no matter the organization model?

Some ideas collected by Marketing Week:

  • Listen to customers, digest feedback, and react to it quickly

  • Get the basics right

  • Communicating a brand’s core purpose to the entire organization

  • Re-think the entire business around common customer-centricity goals

  • Celebrate the customer-centricity and share knowledge more widely with the organization

  • Introduce customer-focused roles

Let's start making the dream true!

Article with the results of the survey: The article is not new (2018) but its insights are still relevant and actual.


Copyright picture: Photo by Kyle Smith on Unsplash

Marketing and Customer-centricity
Marketing and Customer-centricity

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