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Time for a quote about storytelling

I studied for 4 years storytelling in advertising. It was the focus of my Ph.D. So when I heard the guest of one of my favorite marketing podcasts speaking of unique stories, I opened my ears even more. This is how I caught an interesting quote about storytelling.

Storytelling in a quote

Here is the quote:

"You have unique stories just by virtue of who you are (...). You don't have to be the first person to say one of these things. You just have to say it in a unique way."

Or if you prefer the visual version of the storytelling quote:

Quote stroytelling
Quote about stroytelling

Why I like this quote about storytelling

I like this quote of Melanie Deziel very much for two main reasons:

1 > Because it reminds us that (good) stories don't have to be found out of the blue.

As a marketer or entrepreneur, you just by deep-diving into the story of your company, its founders, the people who make the brand today. There, you may identify original and authentic content to be shared.

2 > Because the "form" is a great way of standing out too. Indeed, no matter if it is with your special tone of voice, your original imagery, or your channel orchestration, the way you will choose to transport your storytelling plays a big role in your uniqueness.

Who made this quote about storytelling possible

The author of the quote, Melanie Deziel

I didn't know Melanie Deziel before hearing her on "The Marketing Millenials" podcast. But I can say that I loved everything she told in the episode! Afterward, I better understood why. Indeed, Melanie is at the same time a reputed specialist in branded content and an experienced speaker. The perfect mix of content and form, like in her quote about storytelling. Don't hesitate in visiting her website, Story Fuel.

"The Marketing Millennials" podcast

Led by Daniel Murray and Emily Fergason, "The Marketing Millenials" podcast is one of the coolest and more relaxed marketing podcasts I know. But it is also one of the most qualitative ones, providing very insightful conversations about marketing, and especially content marketing.

Discover more marketing quotes and open your mind!

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