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Ready to shift? - "Marketing x Teams x Entrepreneurs" N°11

🔄Shifting mindset, strategy, spaces is a necessity to move forward.

But it is so hard too because it has to do with change: we may feel vulnerable by leaving a comfortable zone.

For this "Marketing x Teams x Entrepreneurs" N°11, I selected 6 articles about changing directions, with examples about media, remote work, leadership, bias and diversity, and startups.

Examples are the best way to evolve.

Ready to shift?

✒️ For this edition, the curated content is coming from the bests:

The Drum, CPB London, Upwork, Campaign Live, Marketing Week, Sifted, Upscalers.

And John McCarthy, Dr Adam Ozimek, Stephen Heitkamp, Arun Shanmuganathan, Sean West, Charlotte Rogers, and Timoteo Rouchon.

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x Marketing

Moving from TV ads to TV sponsoring

Some exciting initiatives are going on in the UK to build the future of TV. As relates The Drum, Sky TV and the brands Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Indeed implemented sponsoring of video-on-demand and changed their approach to TV planning:

"Sky pitches that it is 'significantly boosting awareness, brand health and brand stature (through the credibility and trust of TV and the quality and style of the content) – the longer the sponsorship runs, the better the brand results.' "

The three companies still consider TV as a critical medium to raise awareness - as I do - and focus on measurement, scale, and premium quality.

It is worth it to subscribe (for free) and have access to this article by John McCarthy.

x Teams

Remote work and home revolution

I am convinced that remote work is changing our lives (and teamwork) unprecedentedly, and it is only the beginning. That's why I enjoyed reading the press release of Upwork, which insists on the geographical consequences of working remotely. Dr Adam Ozimek presents the data and key learnings of a recent survey done with over 23,000 people in the US. An excellent way to anticipate changes in society.

No CEO needed

In their article on Sifted, Stephen Heitkamp, Arun Shanmuganathan, and Sean West explain why they got rid of the CEO role for their UK and Rwanda-based startup. They defend their perspective in a pretty convincing way. I especially like when they say:

"Myopically focusing on a single person's vision holds companies back from bringing in diverse perspectives from employees, clients and investors."

A definitively unconventional and refreshing way of looking at roles and titles in a startup.

Going against unconscious gender bias

I cannot resist mentioning the campaign of CPB London launched for International women's day, which highlights unconscious gender bias. First, it is excellent marketing and copyrighting serving a cause I support. One example? "Imagine a CEO. Is it a man?" Second, going against bias doesn't have to stop after the 8th of March.

Video applications for more diverse teams

Again, an exciting project is coming from Sky, the British TV media, this time focusing on recruitment. How to get more diverse teams? This was how the initiative started. Sky decided to ask candidates to send videos instead of CVs:

"The first thing to say is we need a more diverse marketing team. It also helps us prevent groupthink." Dave Stratton, Sky marketing director

But they did more, insisting that candidates didn't need andy experience in marketing and that they didn't have to know anyone in the industry. This is a test to recruit more diverse talents, including people from underrepresented backgrounds.

Charlotte Rogers describes the idea and the implementation in her article on MarketingWeek.

x Entrepreneurs

Done is better than thought

If you didn't dare and couldn't launch your dream project appropriately until now, it is time to be brave and move from thoughts to reality. In the journal of Upscalers, the investor community I am a private member of, Timoteo Rouchon shares numerous insights about the state of startups in 2022: regulations, tools, remote work, funding, innovation... One of the critical learnings could be:

"If you are not currently working for a startup, investing in one or founding a company, it is a missed opportunity. you will regret it the rest of your life." Joshua Browder, CEO of DoNotPay

If you don't follow Upscalers, do it without waiting. Or you will regret it the rest of your life :)

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I hope you enjoyed it.

Happy to read your comments!


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