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Sync vs Async Teamwork - "Marketing x Teams x Entrepreneurs" N°18

Alignment and co-creation are definitively meaningful. But other moments are fitting better for autonomy and concrete delivery.

🔷 Decide whenever it makes sense to synchronize... or not.

"Sync vs Async Teamwork" is the topic of this "Marketing x Teams x Entrepreneurs" newsletter N°18 Happy to read your comments!

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x Marketing

Brand and Product Marketing are more in sync that you think

Jessica Wong introduces the differences between brand and product marketing and why and how they should move in a synchronized way:

"Product marketing communicates [...] benefits, while branding likely created the associated emotions. Together, they contribute to a customer's purchase decision." - Jessica Wong.

Article available on Forbes.

Let's finally synchronize Sales and Marketing!

In one of his most recent "SaaS Insider!" daily Linkedin newsletters, Jason M. Lemkin shares the story of a VP of Sales resigning from a growing SaaS company to introduce us to the topic of alignment between Sales and Marketing. As a former Product Manager and a current marketer, I love this topic. But it is not just because of my path; it is also because it is meaningful from a business perspective:

"If they [VP Marketing and VP Sales] don't work together like a well-oiled machine — and surprisingly, often they don't — you'll have a real problem on your hands trying to scale." - Jason M. Lemkin.

Jason provides many insights, from the key factors and skills that every VP of sales should possess and the red flags to recruiting a VP of Sales to the breakdown of the time of a sales leader and how can a VP of Sales fosters sales and marketing alignment. Very concrete and helpful.

How does a statement of direction helps align sales and product

After recapitulating the reasons generating conflicts between sales and product (and creating inertia), James Doman-Pipe suggests relying on a statement of direction. He explains what it consists of for Building Momentum. Maybe your new playbook?

x Teams

The best winning collaboration: asynchronous work

Since I studied the Gitlab course about leading remote teams, I have been a big fan of asynchronous communication. So I could only approve the initiative of Marcelo Lebre, the co-founder and COO/CTO at Remote, to bring more light to this topic. Like him, I think that:

"Async work should be used more often than sync work, it provides better resource management, reduces waste and therefore optimizes productivity." - Marcelo Lebre.

Lebre not only focuses on communication but also suggests a deep dive into the notions of multiplexing and action in asynchronous work.

Asynchronous work well done

Hovhannes Avoyan, CEO of PicsArt, shares 5 tried-and-true tips on Inc. to make the most of asynchronous communication. With 84% of professionals surveyed in the US saying that they want to work asynchronously, it makes sense to take the question seriously.

Async has its encyclopedia

Darryn King just published a comprehensive guide about asynchronous collaboration on the blog of Almanac, the platform for async collaboration. He provides a clear and meaningful understanding of what "async" concretely means and underlines the persistence of the office culture. I especially appreciate what he says related to a distributed culture (and namely his comments regarding clarity):

"Distributed culture is built on transparency of information, clarity of process, the autonomy of employees, and a networked organizational structure." - Darryn King.

Danny also breaks the myths of async collaboration:

"Async collaboration prioritizes thoughtful reflection and analysis. It also creates more potential for inclusion, and for more input to be sourced from a wider diversity of perspectives." - Darryn King.

At the end of the "encyclopedia", you will find a selection of articles to further our thoughts regarding async collaboration.

x Entrepreneurs

Async tool as the #2 product of the day on Product Hunt

Async work requires structure, and Werk, the asynchronous first collaboration tool for remote and hybrid teams, helps to strengthen it. Created by Baran Oncel, the platform centralizing the communication workflow was voted as the #2 product on Product Hunt on the 19th of May. Good news for asynchronous work! If you reach these lines, it means you read my newsletter: thank you! I hope you enjoyed it. Happy to read your comments! Lucie.

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