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We all start somewhere

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Change is a less drastic process than we may think: we never start from scratch. Sometimes we are just unable to see and "join the dots."

When I launched my Marketing blog some days ago, several articles were available to be read. I didn't work like crazy to produce the first content. No. It is because I wrote about ten papers in the past, and I referred to them.

I started to work in Marketing 10 years ago as a Junior. However, I was not at all new to Marketing, even though I didn't feel it. I already had Marketing practice in my previous job positions: launching a newsletter, searching and dealing with partners, writing sales pitches, etc. At that time, I didn't perceive it as Marketing because I had a completely different goal. But it was there.

We tend to feel insecure to drive change: pivoting a career, renewing in-depth the scope of our projects, becoming a manager, launching a new product, etc. But we already collected a lot of dots even without noticing it.

Free the dots... in your mind! Dare to change things around you.

Thoughts initially published on my Linkedin profile.

Change mindset and how to start
Change mindset and how to start

Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash

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