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Women - "Marketing x Teams x Entrepreneurs" N°10

💯 Anticipating the International Women's Day on 8th March, I dedicate my "Marketing x Teams x Entrepreneurs" newsletter N°10 to women:

🔷 Women who dare, doubt, build, care, doubt, resist, cry, restart.

PS to women and men supporting women: you are wonderful. Just stay as you are.

✒️ For this edition, the curated content is coming from the bests:

Tequia Burt, Mara Altman, Kristin Barry, Ayumi Moore Aoki

And Linkedin, The New York Times, Gallup, Women in tech, and Inc.

🔷 Interested in your comments!

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x Marketing

Where are women in marketing?

Tequia Burt, editor in chief at Linkedin in the US, answers the question by providing infographics. The data come from Linkedin, McKinsey, ANA and other sources. The infographics published in summer 2021 is part of "The Changing Marketing Jobs Landscape" series. It informs us that 60% of women are in a marketing role, with a higher representation in the social media and the brand areas. Data also shows us that more and more women are in leadership positions, but ethnic diversity remains low. There is still room for improvement.

Yes, advertising is still sexist

Published last summer, too, the article of Mara Altman for The New York Times focuses on the image and roles of women in advertising. It takes the form of a conversation with Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts, authors of "Brandsplaining: Why Marketing is (Still) Sexist And How To Fix It." According to them, despite improvements for women, the way advertising considers women didn't evolve much:

"Brands appear to be presenting a more positive and progressive message for women, but in reality, all that's happened is a trick of the language. Age-defying has turned into 'ageless' and dieting has coded itself as 'wellness.'" Philippa Roberts

The article explains where this status quo comes from and its forms. Personally, I would have wished for more suggestions on changing the situation. Maybe for a follow-up article ;)

x Teams

What the last Gallup reveals about what women (and men) want in their next job

Kristin Barry reports on Gallup the last survey of over 13,000 American employees regarding expectations at work, with differentiation between women and men. Both groups don't value the same, and more importantly, not at the same level. For example, for women, a work-life balance is as important as salary. If women and men both want to do what they do best, it is a much higher expectation on the women's side (62% vs 53% for men). Women are also looking very carefully at the organization's diversity and inclusivity. As a consequence:

"By delving into these differences more closely, the need for a differentiated strategy becomes clear. Organizations must communicate a specific and dynamic value proposition to attract female talent."

I like that the Gallup report doesn't only show meaningful differences in what men and women value, but it also provides some concrete possible action items.

x Entrepreneurs

50 women-led companies to foster innovation in Europe

The European Commission selected 50 deep-tech start-ups led by women within the new Women TechEU pilot programme. The goal is to support deep-tech innovation by supporting women in funding, mentoring and networking opportunities. The aspect I value especially is that the networking part is planned to be EU-wide: this is the best way to think of European expansion early and build the European champions of tomorrow. The projects will start in spring 2022.

Book your seat at the Women in Tech Global Summit

From the 30th May to 1st June 2022, the event follows the theme of 'HERoes Shaping tomorrow'. The Founder and CEO of Women in Tech announces:

"We will gather our international community to convene, connect, debate and create concrete approaches to tackle gender inequality while celebrating HERoes who are shaping tomorrow." Ayumi Moore Aoki

Like the "unconference" I mentioned in my last newsletter, this summit is pretty original in its form, too. Indeed, participants will be able to attend workshops, peer-to-peer sessions, conferences, keynotes, business meetings, artistic performances, and technical visits.

The next generation of female founders is now

Another event dedicated to female founders and organized by Inc. will take place on 8th March. It will focus on funding, customer acquisition and mindset.

If you reach these lines, it means you read my newsletter: thank you!

I hope you enjoyed it.

Happy to read your comments!


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