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Answering questions and writing are the most efficient way to structure thoughts. Taking distance and articulating ideas became even more crucial in our noisy world to focus on what matters. That's why I am always very keen on taking part in interviews and writing articles alone or with peers.

Below, you will find my last interviews and a selection of my most recent articles about marketing and team management. Dotmagazine, powered by ECO, the Internet industry association in Germany, and JAXenter, the professional information portal for enterprise technologies, are some magazines that published my articles.


My vision for the European Tech in 2021

About Europe, Tech and branding.


Articles about Marketing

Corporate Branding and Product Branding

About branding, efficiency and marketing strategy.


Digital Transformation in Customer Communication: Win-Win Situations for Customers and Brands

About digitization, small businesses, marketing differentiation and brand experience.


How Your Branding Enlivens Your Online Presence

About branding, strategy, online marketing, and customer journey.


Storytelling in Advertising: How the Software Industry Entertains

About storytelling, advertising, branding and Tech.


Articles about Team Management

Why documentation is not enough to reach transparency in Scrum

About Scrum, team collaboration and rules.

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