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Tagline examples

Why looking at examples of tagline

Taking into consideration the tagline of a brand is like entering its specific world by the opened door. This is because taglines are a concentrate of the brand character. The more you see taglines, the more you meet brands... and you understand how powerful are taglines to encapsulate a brand identity in a catchy and memorable way that helps the brand to stand out.

I definitively think that the exercise of looking at tagline examples is very productive for any marketer, no matter if this one is working in strategy, copyrighting, or in marketing campaigns

Tagline examples: my selection

For this selection of existing brand taglines, I concentrated on the B2B brands, as most of my marketing strategic examples. This is not only because I always felt more attracted by B2B vs B2C brands. This is also because, in terms of taglines, we think most of the time in B2C taglines even though B2B brands are doing a very good job in leveraging the power and the beauty of taglines. In a way, with my examples of taglines, I want to do justice to their efforts and their exciting results.

My best tagline examples are here, waiting for you:

  • More to come...

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