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My Learning path toward Management

From 1 to 3 and more

My management path started by when I decided to be responsible for training and guiding a student in our Product Management team, in 2017. What I didn’t know is that he would be rapidly followed by another student and another one… until the moment I realized I was ready to manage a group of diverse personalities within a common mindset. At this time our team had become big and my team leader needed support so I coordinated a part of the team (3 people) focusing on task distribution, role clarification, best practices sharing. Later on in 2020 I managed the 'Country & Product Marketing Managers' team (6 people) as interim, what was a rich learning experience: not only the team was newly formed but we also worked mostly remote due to the pandemic.

Behind the scenes

More I develop my management experience more I discover how crucial were the processes in the teamwork. So within virtual teams I started improving team and department processes like campaigns prioritization or workflows. Surprisingly I enjoyed it much more than expected because all this had a purpose: making our teamwork efficient and therefore pleasurable.

New work, new management

Working in the IT industry in Germany for more than 10 years has a big impact on how I consider management. New work, Agile, Scrum…: all is about creating and implementing in dynamic networks rather than in rigid teams. This leads me to act as facilitator for my colleagues, supporting them in getting the right things done and showing them how they can benefit from the team added value on a daily basis. Following this mindset I am continuously leading cross-functional and cross-cultural virtual teams of 4-12 members for the last 5 last years. Not only my enthusiasm remains intact but I a more and more pleased with the results we reach project after project.

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